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Pat Eberle-Pertzborn


Pat’s Family and Farm:
Below: These are photos of:
1. Our Farm
2. 1 year old granddaughter, Kendra
3. Eddie & myself (25 years together) We will have our 38th. Aniv. in November) 
4. Our daughter, Jean and her future husband Tim.
5. All 8 of our grandchildren – Laci, April, Kati, Danae, Cole, Trevor, Joey, & baby Kendra

6. Daughter, Janice (parent of April & Joey)
7. Daughter Lynn & husband, Todd (parents of Laci, Kati, Trevor &Kendra)
8. Daughter, Sally& husband, Pete plus their children Danae & Cole

45th Reunion Info

Hello to fellow Regents.

I retired in Sept. of 05.

Have 10 grandchildren

4 daughters

Husband Ed

Enjoying life while taking care of grandchildren and driving some around to their school events.  Try to go swimming at least 3 times a week.    Just happy and traveling and keeping in touch with old friends.  

My best to you all,