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James Martin

45th Reunion Info

Jim Martin

James D. Martin
3407 Park Place
Evanston, IL 60201

P: 847-570-9180

After graduation from Madison West, I spent several years traveling and living in the San Francisco area, sowing oats, returning to the UW in 1963, graduating in 1968 with a B.S. degree in Sociology.  I also married Melinda Robinson that year and moved to Chicago during the democratic national convention riots.   We have been ensconced here every since, on the north shore, except for a one-year period when Melinda and I lived in Paris and traveled throughout Europe.

We retuned to Chicago in 1971 where I earned my Master’s degree in English Literature at Northeastern University (IL) and took a job with the Chicago Tribune as a film/theater/entertainment critic and writer.  I also taught film at Columbia College for two years.  A few years later I was hired by the governor of Illinois as a speechwriter and did some writing for President Carter.  I then moved into corporate communications with two large companies and got very involved in public relations and advertising.  I also wrote for and/or edited several national publications. 

In 1982, Melinda and I divorced amicably, sharing joint custody of James and Geoff,  always living within the same school district to attend school and sports functions together.  In 1984 I formed my own PR/ADV. agency, which I still run; although, happily, in 2003 James (32) and Geoff (27) joined me in partnership in JDM & Associates Marketing LLC and we added Web site development to our portfolio.  The boys and I all work and live within a block of one another, with Geoff next door to me and ex-wife (Melinda) living next door on the other side.  James, his wife, Sally, and the two grandsons (Chance 3 and Dresden 1) all live around the corner in my old house.  This provides the opportunity for us to enjoy many holidays and evenings together.  Daughter Wendy (40) and the two grandgirls (Tori 14 and Lindsay 12) live in the San Francisco area, where my brother, Jerry, also lives.  Since the business is still growing, I don’t expect to retire any time soon; albeit, I plan to cut back on my hours.  I hope I can make it to next reunion; but if not, I hope to keep in touch!Jim Martin
JDM & Associates
Office: 847-570-9100
Fax: 847-570-9111


Jim and his family today
Geoff, Wendy, Jim, James
James, Jim, Goeff
Daughter Wendy with Grandkids, Lindsay and Tori