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Old Photos

Nakoma School 6th Graders

Randy Marks BDay – 1955

L-R- UNK, Randy Marks, Hugh Trenk, Clary Olmstead, Mike Spangler, Gale Sasman, Front: Murray Marks West class of 68

West JV Cross Country 1958

Back L to R: Dave Wilcox, Randy Marks, Berry Sweet, S. Barelman, Ken Reigel Front L to R: Landy Sparr, Steve Martin?, John Potter, Ed Williams, Mel Bourne

1959 Cross Country Team

At left: Back L to R: Orville Evans, Jack Schwier (M), Brue McMurry, Bill Wiedmann, Ed Linn, D. Reierson, S. Barelmann, J. Burdick, Burt Fraser, G. Heivilin, Mel Bourne, Tom Dunn, Jim Maraniss, Gary Liscum, R. mason, D. Baker, John Potter (M) Middle: Bob Bray, M. Dunn,, B. Schroeder, Dave Coens, Dave Wilcox, Don Adams, Ken Reigle, Tom Webb, Randy marks, Ed Williams

1952 Midget League Team

1960 Cross Country Champs

Pickford Football

Front LR- Buddy Wakawitz Edgewood, Dan Risely West 63, Tom Conlin West, Dan Nelson West 60, Randy Marks West 61. Kneeling: LR- Kim Relahan 61, Tom Rogeberg 61. Standing LR- Frank Milton(in mask) 60, Andy Dambekaln 60, UNK, Bill Dresen West 60, UNK, UNK, Steve Yamamoto 61

1959 or 1960 Basketball Team

Jeff Bartell, Bill Dallman, Jack Hickman, Harry Kingsbury, Ralph Farmer, Terry Johnson, Coach Clark Byam

This is a picture of our 8th grade graduation at Shorewood Hills Elementary School in 1957. The party was coincidently held, believe it or not, at the Blackhawk Country Club.

From left are: Geneva Macdonald (principal), Jessica Hagan, Kathy Reynolds, Eric Rosenthal, Jeff Williams, and Christine Weiss. Thought the Shorewood gang might enjoy this.

Cross Country 1958

Back L to R: Steve Burdick, J. Albright, Ed Gulesserian, J. Hoffman, D. Baker, J. Burley, J Curtis, Hugh Trenk, Clarence Olmstead, A. Kingsbury, S. Barelman, Berry Sweet, B. Campbell, Dave Peterson Middle L to R: Ed Panek, Mel Bourne, Ed Williams, John Potter, Randy Marks, Ken Reigel, Dave Wilcox, B. Ross, E. Harris, Fred Zimmerman, Orville Evans Front L to R: Steve Martin, Landy Sparr, Bill Bird, Jay Knox, Bruce Beck, Bob Ellison, Jim Drescher, Russ Sasman, Dennis McMahan, Buzz Bell, Pat Ward

1959 Cross Country A Team

Back L to R: Dennis McMahan, Bill Bird, Pat Ward, Mike Smith, Mr. Evans Front L to R: Bruce Beck, Jim Mayland,
Bob Ellison, Mike Regal